Jing and You – A TCM Perspective

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Jing in Traditional Chinese Medicine is a deep and rich substance that exists within the body and is within the mind, body and spirit.  It is passed onto to you at your conception and can be seen in your genetics, your constitutional energy, your immune system, your reproductive system, your endocrine system, and the cells that combine to bring life into being.  It is an important vital substance in our bodies in many respects.

We all have what is called pre-natal and post-natal Jing.  Pre-natal Jing is that which gives the building blocks for us to come into being, the potential for who we are mentally and physically.  Our post-natal Jing is based on environmental and experiential lifestyle and how we add to and restore our Jing whilst living our lives by way of a good healthy diet, balanced activity and rest, appropriate emotions and limits to stress and overwork or underwork.  Most importantly and to expand this further, Jing could be an awareness of who we are in a greater and wider context, that is our spiritual identity.

Let’s give ourselves the best of care over the Christmas and New Year holidays and support our body, mind and spirit and the TCM vital substances in the body being Jing, Yin, and Yang for good health and a vital new year 2020 to come.

Wishing you a healthy and vibrant Christmas and New Year 2020 from all of us at Scarborough Traditional Acupuncture.

Suzanne McDonald – Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Suzanne is in clinic on Monday and Thursday afternoons / evenings.

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