Nurture and Support your Child into Optimal Health.

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Please click the following link to see me treating a 4-year-old girl for general wellness.

Pediatrics has formed a specialised focus in Chinese Medicine since the Song dynasty (960-1279).

There is an understanding of how children are different from adults and therefore, are engaged and treated accordingly. As I’m sure you’ve witnessed, children are active, dynamic and always moving and needing attention. This demonstrates that children are extremely Yang in nature compared to adults, meaning they are more prone to fevers and hot type illnesses. However, with knowledge comes power, right? What if you fed your children fresh whole foods, walked in nature’s fresh clean air, and allowed opportunity for adequate sleep and your children thrived? Excellent! They can now focus at school, are calmer to be around, are more rational and the whole family system just flows.


And then as we have all experienced, the wheels fall off and you have had too many birthday parties, too many crazy busy days and take out was the thing on offer. Now the child has green monsters coming out of their nose, barking up cough and very irritable? Enter Traditional Chinese medicine…..what a great, natural, safe and side effect free treatment choice to get your family back on track.

Yours in health,

Dr Holly Carruthers

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